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My buddy, Erik C, who helped me create this website several years ago and who was kindly hosting the page on his server the last 2 or 3 years, has just moved the whole website onto this new platform on Perhaps this is a good time to get in and update some of the stuff here. I guess I can start with writing a blog about the last several months... I think I've already said this in previous posts but it feels like I'm writing a letter to myself because I believe I'm the only one who looks at this website. Let's see... what's been happening recently? This is a little hard to explain in English because it's about the complicated French civil servant system and public employment.  When I try to describe the competitive exam process for getting hired as a public employee, I find it really hard to find an analogous situation in the US.  It's like passing a sort of bar exam, interview and civil servant exam at the same time. Essentially, the teachers at

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